Friday, 4 March 2011

Afghanaid 10,000 days campaign

I've just received this email from a friend who works in the Charities sector. I trust her judgment totally, and am giving. Please do the same! (And we don't need to limit ourselves to £10, either.)

"As many of you know I have worked with Afghanaid both here and in Kabul. They are an amazing organisation having worked in Afghanistan since 1979 and stayed there through thick and thin - unlike other international organisations. They have their head office in Kabul and work on the most limited of budgets.

Currently Afghanaid are asking for support for their 10,000 day campaign - the number of days that they have existed. They would like to raise £10 from 10,000 people during the first 10 days of March.

I hope that you might feel that this a cause that you would be willing to support.

The campaign website is You can donate direct from this page by clicking on donate.

If you want to go directly to donate some money you can do this through

If you have friends who might be interested in supporting this campaign please forward this e mail to them.

I hope you don't mind me sending this e mail - not something I do very often.